Buddha Maitreya the Christ is the Planetary Avatar.  These meaning of these words take time to realize.  They are not a part of our culture.

The Planetary Avatar is an unbroken lineage of incarnations since the beginning of time, since Adam.  They are the incarnations of God on Earth,  God with us.

Images of the Avatar
Images of the Incarnations of the Avatar, Buddha Maitreya the Christ

This is an extraordinary time ~ the externalization of the living Christ on Earth and the hope of salvation for Humanity to evolve into our angelic potential.  And we are faced with profound obstacles.

The Earth has been evolving on a very destructive course since the fall from Grace.  Through the liberation of our desires we have created war, poverty and separation.  Our desires have been fed by strong psychic influences, which support the expression of our lower nature and the veiling of the light of truth.

We collectively express the vices: hatred, jealousy and greed.  While the virtues of our heart: charity, moral wholesomeness, and loving kindness remain asleep.  So veiled is our culture that we no longer register the intrinsic value of virtue itself.

Yet Christ is here to redeem us from this lower nature.  He is Buddha Maitreya the Christ, the reincarnation of Jesus Christ, and through His many works you can know the truth of His Presence.

Come to know Him for yourself. He teaches live online nightly. OM Meditation and Dharma Teaching

With our cooperation He can transform the future.
~ Students of Buddha Maitreya the Christ

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