“Meditation with Buddha Maitreya the Christ” – Vietnamese coverage

Pyramid Valley, Bangalore India

Following the Tweets and video is a translation from a Vietnamese website that covered Buddha Maitreya the Christ’s presentation, given during the 9th Global Congress of Spiritual Scientists (GCSS) in October 2016. The annual event takes place in Pyramid Valley, Bangalore, India.

Video clip from inside the Pyramid. Buddha Maitreya the Christ speaking during the 9th GCSS.

Buddha Maitreya the Christ, center, front row at the 9th GCSS:

Here is the translation (from Bing)

Article: http://chela.info/thien-voi-duc-buddha-maitreya-christ/

We came up with a 9th GCSS eagerly of the frogs sit bottom of the well, didn’t know how to sky. Also once met Mr. Patriji, left the other speakers in the Conference are all brand-new, even heard the name. So, first met Master Buddha Maitreya the Christ, we just wonder why the Teacher’s Entourage looks mysterious, and swear it is know the master name means nothing 😀. The Mission of the teacher wearing the white clothes as Angel, who then handles something as result of maces, the Team Hat wearers on the pyramid, the pyramid accessories, … However, Hieratic Patriji always an attitude extremely respected, revered in a special way that according to her rank, then the other guests.


A special point is when not tutor, Master Maitreya Buddha is often closed his eyes, looks as though sinking into a world.

After the early Master Patriji introduced, both in his home despite the ball out to master teacher would kid but choose right Master Buddha Maitreya to interview, xun xoe around Master, Costa is … investigate the mysterious Master accessory to carry. Master for all test by holding the chains like decanter-shaped crosses put in between the palms to see with energy effects how it spins. That’s the moments surrounding those sculpins to become curious and in our Union, giving out the outer 😀 .

When the master up, never the master’s Entourage also respectfully arranged a pyramid frame to the master sat in, and a table has the crystal ball, Angel statue with wings, and the cube contents listed la mausoleum, is a combination of the pyramid with Crystal and magnets.

Then the teacher introduced each item with the uses of them. The master standard English that stops so that the child’s rugged English too so my children don’t understand almost anything. Vietnam unions call for some headaches, and pretty much the same genus even … roll out tasty sleeping spot 😀 .


With all the alert that we always carry in themselves ever, we don’t allow yourself easy to believe in something without experiencing. So, although not understand these, mouthpiece “tậm dud” of Cards must still work out the intensity, and the mouthpiece “dud” still blow around to … the air, Hang Pham Pen paper eagerly to copy (do not know the word copy would not:D).

Teaching about Zen master when combined with Holy language, then it will form OM effects like, how come the energy. Something together emit OM, people will combine to promote the process of the creation of God, become the channel of love and the will of God.

In summary, the lecture of the master just like the feeling we together read the book “Esoteric” Teachings of H.P. Blavasky, Jiang called the “doctrine of hard media”. We know that being heard something super high but the guy usually multiply this saying it is not yet understood, except the guy reading the other guy, to roll out sleeping. Lecture of the master, too, except the kid room the rest of the half-boy, the half-Mexican.

But to the practice of the province.

The teacher for reading a prayer before the OM, that poor English too so read the two sentences start off choạc, I boldly stated please Master … read every word 😀. Both Oh pyramid up. … Hehe may too not only cretins I English home group 😀. The master said: “I have never prayed like this literal type at all!” 😀 😀 😀. But the master trader you should read every word the teacher, the child repeat though … what, understand that each ch from “Amen!” finally hic …

OM meditation with master is a great experience. OM sound of the master output has a rolling mode, shake the extremely hard to imitate. Thuy Pretty then you whinny ti Nguyen Nguyet Khanh even … open your eyes to really see the master OM, how it was like 😀. According to both later describes the Master sitting on chairs, reclining slightly backwards, sound out and shaken up from the throat. Its also the first but then by OM feeling like someone singing the wrong music. After that, I started to loose to self-regulatory body, and the sound began to blend into the whole, are fading, shaken up and echoing around the pyramid. Themselves no longer recognize where is his again. All is one. All only a counterpoint. Herself noticed from Master exuding an extremely powerful Love energy, it’s so strong that just stand near it, just seeing the teacher also felt intense touched to tears whether movement … don’t know why.

And Mr. Patriji is always reminding people to take up please Teachers bless. Now please, voila is the deep expertise of the child and 😀 .

Master Buddha Maitreya before about water for each person a line there hung a picture object as the cross, which is a core Crystal, outside wrapped copper wire around a magnet, I tentatively called a “Tool”. As the teacher explained, the Tool will help activate the received energy in the body, something like that. People lined up to get in. House break in the bottom to see people lined up … also lined though do not know what to do. Commissioned then know should should want to please more … brothers at home. So after 5 seconds Timeout quickly, Thuy and Pretty Bich Thuy Bean decided to bring water bottles are ready on hand … Please Master grant to bring divided hehe … (too smart 😀 ).

And both still know nothing about the master until about water, preparing to write the notes for this and investigate … Dictionary view Buddha Maitreya means nothing, and who is the Master …



Sanat Kumara are Christian Teachers of the German people known in both the East (Tibet, Nepal, India, Bhutal, …) and the West with the name Maitreya Buddha (The Buddha Maitreya), or a name revered in Tibet as Germany Jetsun Gyalwa Jampa Gonpo.
In Tibet, in 2000, He was in Germany Denma Choktul Tulku Rinpoche’s monastery Gene YangShen Jiang Dema (Kham, Tibet) recognized his master’s incarnation is, Germany Mr. Rinpoche, Padmasambhava, who supposedly will become the next Buddha. Tulku is a place for people who have very high cultivation reincarnations over the lifetime (size as Dalai Lama). Mr. Tulku Dema itself was a student of the master Padmasambhava (the incarnation of Maitreya Buddha The German Christ) had 25. , 11/2000, Germany Buddha Maitreya (Bodhisattva Maitreya) was formally ordained at the monastery.

Next month, Mr. 11/2001, was head of the monastery, Tulku Tulku German Ngawang Palden Kalsanga Lode Gyalten (Litang, Tibet) ordained Maitreya. (See the clip seen Tibetans holding the towel and picked along the way, put through door cars to the German Master, please bless, hic hic delegation home we are standing up with master photography that know nothing…). There are also a dozen other Tulku unit size of Tibet, with the body parts are very high, who then was in Germany visiting Maitreya, who then himself to attend the sessions of ordained …
In Nepal, He was admitted by the Tulku. including Tulku Gyatso, Khenrab Khenpo of Bhutan since 1998 has realized that he is the reincarnation of the Bodhisattva Maitreya in Germany that the disciples and people expect constant (also infamous biography, a monk from 8 years of high taste products Institute, lamas, …).

The previous incarnation of the Bodhisattva Maitreya in Germany many monumental character, please mention some:
-Germany Dorje Tulku Lama (Tibet), was the 25th student life recognized as Tulku Denma Sir.
-In Germany the master Yogi Babaji (Indian, see the book Autobiography of a yogi-Yogi), Mr. Babaji left the body in 1950 and 19/7/1951 Mr. reincarnation back is Maitreya Buddha in German Tilamook, Oregon. So many people have recognized Him. In his book Autobiography of a Yogi (Ram and Padma donated the Hanoi delegation), Mr. Babaji told his students, Sri Yukteswar, Yogananda and that he will return with a Western incarnation by East and West should be a combination to find a path to General Director to grow the soul.
-Je Tsong Khapa, (1357-1419) born in Amdo in eastern Tibet, is regarded as a second Buddha and is the master of the Dalai Lama, Gendun Drub first (1391-1474).

Both can search and view more info on the website of the master.

And finally, experience meditation OM with teacher go home!, very good with. Link attached below is the master guide to meditation OM.



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