Midweek Blessings: OM with Buddha Maitreya the Christ

Sign up now to join us in a worldwide, live meditation and teaching with Buddha Maitreya, the Christ this evening.

Your $15 donation helps to support monks, nuns, lay people, and monastic projects around the globe. One such project is the rebuilding of Nepal after the devastating earthquake. See more on the progress here and here.

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OM – The Sound of God’s Creation

“The Etheric Body is a sacred body. It’s the body of all manifestation, whether it be a flower. Whether it be an insect. Whether it be a cat or a dog. Whether it be a human being. Whether it be the Planet. Whether it be our Cosmos, our Solar System… it all lives within the embodiment of the Etheric Body, the Etheric Field. That Etheric Field is the Mind of God – the Monad – that holds everything into its identity.

Screen Shot 2017-04-05 at 4.52.14 PM.pngSo when we practice the OM, we’re actually practicing something that is metaphysically aligned to that very energy behind the Etheric Field that holds everything into its creation. Every living thing, even though it’s unique, all comes from the OM. Sacred geomancy in all of its geometric forms and parts, all connect together into one solid geometric form called a Metatron’s Cube. And that geometric form is the Etheric Field. That consciousness, which is known as Christ Consciousness is actually the embodiment of the Etheric Field.” ~ Buddha Maitreya the Christ

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From Rose in Ontario, Canada ~ “Now that I am participating in the Buddha Maitreya meditations I am finding myself more tolerant of people and of life in general. I feel more grounded and forgiving of wrongs from the past by people and things. Without the guided meditations I would not feel such an amazing and significant impact as I would if I were doing meditations on my own. It is the teachings and guidance of the Buddha Maitreya that inspire me the most. Each meditation builds upon the last one and each time I notice more shifts!”


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