OM: an opportunity to help Christ make this a more heavenly place for us all

Join the Reincarnation of Christ for His multiple weekly planetary healing OM meditations, offered as a live online event every Wednesday, Friday & Sunday. This is an opportunity to help Planetary and Personal Ascension from wherever you are located and to help Christ make this a more heavenly place for us all! Sign up now to join the next live event.

Some tips from Shambhala:

Relax in  a quiet, sacred space for the live OM meditation

One of the most important things in meditation is to be able to relax and let go. Find a quiet and comfortable place to meditate and sit in a comfortable position.

We recommend meditating inside one of the Reincarnation of Christ’s 51 Degree Meditation Pyramid Systems, or with any of the Shambhala Healing Tools for Personal & Planetary Healing, to greatly enhance your meditation and the reception of the transmission of healing blessings from the Reincarnation of Christ.

If you do not have a meditation pyramid and would like to explore getting your own, we recommend visiting Meditation Pyramids or Shambhala Healing Tools.


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