Experience of unsurpassed peace ~ OM meditation with Buddha Maitreya the Christ

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Planetary OM Meditation with the Reincarnation of Christ

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Testimonial from student:

I have been studying the teachings of Buddha Maitreya the Christ since 2001. In the early days, receiving teachings was much more challenging than  today. It would have been hard to believe that we could one day sit in our own homes and receive live teachings from Christ, at a completely affordable price. These are amazing times indeed!

I haven’t missed one OM teaching since they began, about 2 and a half years ago. In the beginning, it would take a few “OMs” before I began to experience this unbelievable state of peace.


Soon, that state of peace was with me at the very beginning of the 20 minute meditation, and only intensified as time went on.

Now, I experience this unsurpassed peace even before we’ve begun the OMs, just from hearing the voice of Buddha Maitreya the Christ.

It is a feeling of peace unlike anything I experience at other times during my days. It takes me to another world, where I am renewed with the hopes and positive outlook I knew as a child. Invariably, my mindset going in to the OM teaching gets turned around 180 degrees, several times. But it’s never scary or disturbing to have this happen. It was always something that was ‘stuck’, that i had been trying to move through but could not, that is knocked free during the OM and teaching. Usually this happens more than once during an OM.

As they say, by  His Works you can know Him. and what I experience by meditating with the Christ only reiterates for me that Buddha Maitreya is the Christ, the living Buddha of our age, and we are beyond lucky to have the opportunity to receive teachings from Him.


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