India celebrates Holy Maha Shivaratri

Today marks the actual Maha Shivaratri New Moon (6.58am pacific) and Buddha Maitreya, Adiyogi, is once again offering a live OM meditation and teaching as a continuation of this holy event.

Register now. Live event begins at 6 PM Pacific

The  112 foot statue of Lord Shiva in Namil, Nadu (ANI photo)

From HindustanTimes

Prime Minister Narendra Modi unveiled a 112-feet-tall Lord Shiva statue in Tamil Nadu’s Coimbatore on the occasion of Hindu festival Mahashivratri on Friday.

Modi unveiled the statue or ‘Adiyogi’ — an avatar of Lord Shiva who is considered to be the first of yogis — at Isha Foundation in Coimbatore.

The Prime Minister had earlier on Friday greeted people on Mahashivratri and invoked Lord Shiva, saying that people can see what is good or bad for them with their third eye.

The bust, made of steel, weighs 500 tonnes and took two-and-a-half years to design and eight months to build it.

Mahashivratri, which translates to the great night of Shiva, is celebrated annually in remembrance of overcoming darkness. It is observed by remembering Shiva and chanting prayers, fasting, practising yoga and meditating on ethics and virtues such as self-restraint, honesty and forgiveness.


PM Modi unveils 112 feet tall Shiva statue: Highlights

From The Times of India

* Mahashivratri symbolizes a union of divinity with a purpose of overcoming darkness and injustice.

* We’re merely drops in the ocean. There’ve been countless devotees over the ages… but the longing for the divine is always there. It throbs in every human heart.

* Standing before this 112 feet statue, a colossal presence envelops everyone. This place will be a source of inspiration, where a person can learn about oneself and discover truth.

* India has given the gift of Yoga to the world, by practicing Yoga a spirit of oneness is created. It reminds of Lord Shiva’s inclusive spirit.

* Yoga has come a long way. Various definitions, schools and ways to practice Yoga have emerged. This is the beauty of Yoga – ancient and modern, constant yet evolving.

* Rejecting an idea just because it is ancient can be potentially harmful. It is essential to analyze and understand it and try to take it to the new generation in a manner in which they understand best.

* Yoga is a cataclysmic agent ushering transformation, from jiva to shiva .

* By practicing yoga, spirit of oneness is created in the mind, body and intellect. Yoga is the journey from ‘me’ to ‘we’.

* If the body is a temple of the mind, Yoga creates a beautiful temple. That is why I call yoga a passport to health assurance.

* Today, the whole world wants peace, not only from wars and conflicts but peace from stress, and for that we have Yoga.

* Yoga is far beyond physical exercises, through yoga we will create a new era of togetherness and harmony.

* India is a land of unparalleled diversity. It can be seen, heard, felt, touched and tasted. Diversity has been our greatest strength and it has brought India together.

* In our culture, the role of women is central. So many goddesses are worshipped. Women have shattered stereotypes and made a place for themselves in every field.



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