Realizing Shambhala ~ to Heal the Nations!

-1.jpgFundraising update, 2016

The Shambhala Monastery is continually evolving. This year a major improvement in Shambhala was the installation of a generator, insuring non-stop power even during outages.

The Shambhala Monastery, has been established by Buddha Maitreya the Christ and Tara for planetary healing. It constantly radiates Buddha Maitreya’s Soul Therapy puja and blessings into the Earth.

The new generator (pictured below) ensures that the blessings Buddha Maitreya radiates from Shambhala will remain constant. It will maintain outdoor speakers playing continual puja as well as running water, and power to safely and comfortably manage dharma life at the monastery.

In a very short time friends of the Shambhala Monastery raised $1360 on Crowdrise, which helped make this generator happen. Thank YOU! Imagine if the word got out about this amazing opportunity for Healing the Nations! Our goal of $20,000/month is real. And remember your year-end contribution is tax deductible!

Help the Planet, help the World and help Yourself by supporting the Planetary Healing Center with whatever amount you can. Click here.


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