Third Litany, December 7-10

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Archangel Michael’s Litanies

An Invocation for Peace on Earth and the Ending of all Evil – Daily Meditations for Christ Mass

During all the days of the Litanies play the Great Invocation or any of the Soul Therapy music as they all apply to the same understanding, The Great Invocation is the best for all the Litany Meditations as it says exactly the same thing, its outcome is the same: the ending of all evil. Use your Etheric Weaver throughout the days to contemplate and meditate on this Invocation and its Ray qualities.

“The more we understand about the Litanies the more it affects us as it is very powerful. It is voting for the Law of Love to take over the Law of Hate, we understand we have a choice and it becomes stronger with our actions because we already voted when we incarnated.” ~ Buddha Maitreya the Christ

Beginning tonight, December 1st at 12:01, recite the following Litany

Screen Shot 2016-12-06 at 2.50.31 PM.png


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