Archangel Michael Litanies (begin December 1 – tonight 12:01 am)


Archangel Michael’s Litanies

Meditations for the Month of December & Season of ChristMass
Invocations/Evocations for Peace on Earth and Ending of Evil

Each Litany starts at the beginning of the day at midnight although the Litany meditation can be done at any time during the day. Everyday, read and contemplate the complete current Litany along with its relationship to the corresponding Litany and Rays – pondering on the words and trying to understand as much as possible of the meaning.

During all the days of the Litanies play the Great Invocation or any of the Soul Therapy music as they all apply to the same understanding, The Great Invocation is the best for all the Litany Meditations as it says exactly the same thing, its outcome is the same: the ending of all evil. Use your Etheric Weaver throughout the days to contemplate and meditate on this Invocation and its Ray qualities.

Throughout the days study the Ray qualities. At midnight, on the day before the Litanies change, follow the same guidelines as above, shifting the focus to the new Litany and its corresponding Ray and Litany relationships always bearing in mind the purpose of the Litanies as a whole: the ending of all evil and establishing of Peace on Earth.

The Ceremony of Desire of Birth
December 1st-4th
I. I desire birth.
II. I am ready to be burned and consumed; for that is what birth is.
III. I am ready to be naked and unprotected, and to suffer from my nakedness; for that is what life is.
IV. I am ready to make the pilgrimage through matter in darkness and in fire, so that the circle of the uncreate shall become one with the circle of the create.
The Ceremony of Terror
December 5th-6th
I. I am nothing, save as a fragment to be burned and consumed.
II. I, alone, am as nothing.
The Ceremony of Consecration
December 7th-10th
I. I devote the spirit that is being born within me to the service of the spirit of love.
II. In this coming year I will dwell in the sanctuary of love; I will not offend against the law of love.
III. I will remember that I have not to ask love but to give love; that I have to give of my very self to the world.
IV. I will molest none; I will forgive all. In return, I demand that the spirit to be born in me this month shall be beloved of the brotherhood of souls, and shall be recognized as a soul of love.
The Feast of Love
December 11th-14th
I. Love is the only King; the only Ruler, the only Creator.
II. Hate and Satan one; rebel, anarchist, destroyer.
III. Love’s action is what men call charity.
IV. The action of hatred is known as malice.
V. Love has only one punishment for the sinner, and that is forgiveness.
VI. To live according to the law of love is a hundred thousand times harder than to live according to the law of hatred; to this great effort I pledge myself. To live according to the law of love means the acceptance of every evil as a good. By that acceptance, if it is done in the spirit of love, the evil becomes good. It is to the conversion of evil into good in our natures, in the natures of others, and in the affairs of life, that we devote ourselves. Henceforth we do not avoid evil, we love it and transform it. By loving it we make ourselves a part of the creative principle which is love.
VII. To this great effort the disciples pledge themselves during the Feast of Love, and bind themselves together to unite in it. It cannot be done alone.
The Feast of Union
December 15th-20th
I. There is no more any parting of the ways.
II. All the different paths are become but the one path.
III. I am but a part.
IV. I am but one stone in the Great Temple.
V. I am a soldier in the army, and from the one who is next to me I cannot swerve by ever so small a fraction; for if I did, the march of the whole army would be disordered. I remain, therefore, immovably associated with my fellow soldiers.
VI. I know that I take upon myself the responsibility of the whole when I pass consciously into union with it.
VII. I am ready, without complaint, to be cast down from the place in which I stand, should I swerve or flinch under any trial falling on those next me; for I know that my strength can never be exhausted, since my comrades also stand unswervingly by my side; and while united we cannot fall.
The Feast of Satisfaction
December 21st-24th
I. The divine satisfaction has fallen upon me.
II. I give because my heart is too full; it cannot contain all that it has.
III. I am conscious that love is infinite, though I can hold but one drop. Therefore do I cut down the little tree which was the expression of my personal growth.
IV. Here on the floor of the place of learning, lies the myrtle of my life; then it will wither, and it will be swept away when the floor is prepared for the next great Feast. I am satisfied that this is so, for I have entered into all.
V. I myself am nothing and have nothing.
VI. Yet I have all and I am all.
VII. I sleep and wake at the same time.
VIII. Within me is the measureless content which is eternal rest, and which, once attained, can never be disturbed. My being is absorbed with the absolute peace, therefore I am ready for ceaseless activity, and armed for incessant warfare.
The Birth Day
December 25th-31st
I desire absolute Love.
HH Tulku Buddha Maitreya gave the following teaching on the complementary relationships of the 7 rays and the 7 Litanies (December 1, 2002)

Each day of the Litanies, use an etheric weaver and focus on the Ray and the principle of the invocation of the Litany. Try not to see the Litanies as separate daily invocations but the bigger view, understanding the relationships between the Litanies and between the Rays. Study all the days and how they complement each other and listen to the track of the Great Invocation to receive an impression of the larger picture.

The First Litany is the First Ray, The Logos, the Selfborn – the Planetary Logos –all that energy which is so powerful

In the first simple sentence of the Litany “I desire birth,” it collects all of that energy to invoke a purpose, the working out of a Plan. In the end there is no longer Satan as King ruling the dominating forces of Earth. We have Christ liberating and awakening Buddha Nature and all those Seven Rays manifesting as soulful qualities with no glamours. If the Litanies are put together in this way, then you receive the manifestation of revelation of the 4th Ray. It is why HH Buddha Maitreya talks about World Peace – not just personal peace but World Peace.

How is this brought about? The only way is through magic, through Christ Mass. All Masters of Loving Wisdom do this work like Christ, and during this time it creates Christ Mass or Michael’s Mass. To do the Litanies is to join with this group and with this work. When understood, it is a profoundly powerful invocation that brings the incarnation of Christ and the ending of evil. The Litanies end on December 25th with the birth of Christ – which we all celebrate together. During the time of the Litanies, please play any of the Soul Therapy CDs as they all apply to the same understanding. And read as much as possible about the 7 Rays in relationship to the particular Litany cycle.

December 1st – The Ceremony of Desire of Birth 1st Ray
December 25th – The Birth Day 7th Ray

The 1st Ray and the 1st Litany are like the pyramid capstone and the 7th ray and the 7th Litany are like the pyramid base. The desire of birth is the incarnation of Christ, the Planetary Logos.

December 5th The Ceremony of Terror 2nd Ray
December 21st The Feast of Satisfaction 6th Ray

The 2nd Ray and the 6th Ray correspond to the 2nd initiation and the energy of
the United States. The two Rays and Litanies personally relate. Everything works in a complementary way in an invocation. If you look at the Ray energies, they have the relationships of devotion – service, dependence – independence. Perfect service is being nothing, a mantle of service, a mantle of grace – like a chalice.

December 7th – The Ceremony of Consecration 3rd Ray
December 15th – The Feast of Union 5th Ray

Now, instead of a veiler, the 5th Ray becomes the revealer and the energy of extreme personal reverence. The 5th Ray also opens up the 3rd Ray, seeing everything and applying everything. The 5th Ray decrystalizes and recrystalizes, perfect devotion to recrystalizing and restructuring.

December 11th – The Feast of Love 4th Ray

This is the 4th Litany relating to the 4th Ray which represents Earth. This Litany is the outcome. It represents the midpoint which is the outcome of everything “Love is the only King, the only Ruler, the only Creator”. The Great Invocation is the perfect complementation to the Litanies as it says exactly the same thing – it’s outcome is the same: the ending of all evil.

On each of these days, at dawn and at midnight, read and contemplate the Litany and the corresponding Ray and its relationship to the corresponding Litany and Ray energy (1st & 7th, 2nd and 6th, 3rd and 5th). Listen to any of the Soul Therapy music tracks. Use your etheric weaver throughout the day to contemplate and meditate on the Invocation and its Ray qualities. At midnight on the day before the Litanies change, follow the same guidelines as above, shifting the focus to the new Litany and its corresponding relationships. Always bear in mind the purpose of the Litanies as a whole.

Learn more about the Litanies:  An Invocation for Peace on Earth and the Ending of all Evil – Daily Meditations for Christ Mass

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