Dharshan with Buddha Maitreya & Tara Saturday November 26th at the Shambhala Monastery

MonasteryCentralPyd-verticalA rare and precious opportunity to attend and receive Dharshan teachings and blessings from Buddha Maitreya the Christ in the sacred Shambhala Planetary Healing Monastery in Northern California.

The Earth is a Sacred Planet and each location has it’s unique relationship to God and the ability to radiate those blessings to humanity. A Dharshan offers the profound opportunity to be in the presence of the Lord as He awakens and transmits the light within the Earth.

KonoctiShambhala final

During the Dharshan Buddha Maitreya has a long period of time to teach and share both the relevant situations of the time and the influence of the coming of Christ and the working out of God’s Plan.

It is an opportunity to receive a Soulful blessing that supports the present, heals the past and blesses the future both personally and for the planet.

If you are interested in attending, in person or virtually from anywhere in the world please call 877-444-7685 USA or +44 (0)1458 898221 UK/EUROPE or email dharshan@shambhalahealingtools.com

Why Attend

‘Each person is responsible for their choices and evolution. However, Christ radiates Healing Love that forgives and supports the right actions that will raise humanity into a better future. Christ is always here doing this.’

~ Buddha Maitreya the Christ

Buddha Maitreya’s teachings encompass how incarnation and reincarnation affects us all in the process of evolution and personal and planetary healing. Christ is always incarnated, whether we know Him as Buddha, Krishna, Babaji or Adam – to name just a few. He constantly radiates a healing force that realigns the chakras and etheric field to the 7 Rays of God (the light and love of Creation) – moving them from an unhealthy state back to a natural, healthy state – from inhumanity to humanity awakening our natural divinity.

7RayDiagrams V04-017RayDiagrams V04-02

This is the Soul – a spiritual force that is part of God’s creation and directly aligned to God. Attending a Dharshan lays the foundation for understanding and supporting the Path of the Soul in a more conscious way, deepening our connection with God and witnessing the Soul in Life as we heal. It is an innate and natural connection to God beyond religious definition.

The Great Invocation & The Purpose of Buddha Maitreya’s Dharshan

“The sons of men are one

And I am one with them.

I seek to love not hate.

I seek to serve and not exact due service.

Let pain bring due reward of Light and Love.

Let the Soul control the outer form

And let life and all events,

Bring forth to light the love which underlies

The happenings of the time.

Let vision come and insight;

Let the future stand revealed.

Let inner union demonstrate and outer cleavage be gone.

Let love prevail

Let all mankind love.”

Monastery Night Panorama formag

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