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Sundays, 5pm Pacific


Buddha Maitreya OM Meditations in Omaha, Nebraska

“Our Omaha group has done weekly meditations at Unity Church listening to Buddha Maitreya’s Meditation Music and using the Shambhala Healing Tools for over 10 years now. We also get together every Sunday for Buddha Maitreya’s online OM Meditation and really look forward to it as it helps us be more peaceful through the following week. The spontaneous teachings and the powerful energy of transmission from Buddha Maitreya’s OM Meditations is incredibly healing each time.” ~ meditator at OMaha OM Group

We invite you to join us online today, Sunday, Nov 13 at 5pm Pacific and then Sunday Nov 27….and Tuesdays at 7pm Central in Omaha, Nebraska

Buddha Maitreya the Yogi Christ’s Soul Therapy Meditation CD’s present the same Divine Ceremony of Drum, Tibetan Bowl, Prayer and Ancient Dharma Teaching in his songs that He is best known for in His Monasteries and by His students around the world.



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